Introduction to Design, Fall 2013

Point Bonita Cinematheque

Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Jay Atherton, and Kyle Steinfeld

In this course we have explored a range of "design departures" including those that begin with form driven, notation-driven, and material-driven agendas. In this final design project for the semester, the setting of a design agenda is turned over to the individual student, who is then free to engage the project while lending conceptual primacy to any of the approaches discussed this semester. Even though each student may choose to emphasize a particular set of issues as the primary driver for the design process, it will still be necessary to engage all of the issues: including site and environmental context, program requirements, material and construction methods, as well as space and form.

Program Brief

Modeled after the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, a parcel of land in Point Bonita was donated to build a non-profit public institution dedicated to film, video, and light art. The recipients of the new institute are two individuals: a private film enthusiast and an artist working in light projection or film/video media. From the preselected list of four artists, one artist will be chosen to occupy the artist studio and residence. The design of the artist studio and gallery space will be based on the chosen artist's working methodologies as well as exhibition practices.

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