CED Theses

Thesis Projects

Guiding students through an engagement with the most urgent issues concerning digital design in the field today is an important part of my role as an advisor of theses and dissertations. While a selection of Master of Architecture thesis projects for which I have served as an advisor have been documented here, a comprehensive list of students for whom I have served as advisor may be found in my curriculum vitae.

Spring 2017

This thesis explores the new age of community design with crowd-sourcing technology.

sixteen week project
if City..., then [x,y,z]

A proposal for a social-media aware kenetic architecture

sixteen week project
Spring 2016

A proposal for a distributed library manifest as temporary deployable structures.

sixteen week project
Spring 2015
Structural Negotiator in Political Territory

A proposal for a collapsible bending structure that performs as family reunion events and revitalization festival at the border of the demilitarized zone in Korea

sixteen week project
Spring 2013
Evocative Relief

Disaster Relief Community. How well does architecture address all three? This thesis aims to study how the evocative power of the phenomenological qualities of space, especially temporal light in connection with the phase changes of water, can define community spaces that pro-actively mediate the rhythms of seasonal and disaster-scale flooding.

sixteen week project
Subject to Change

Urban designers should use dynamic models that represent the incremental infill process - even a simplified model that changes over time can help a designer visualize the contingency and emergence that occur in neighborhood growth. We propose here that a computer algorithm, the cellular automata, can serve as a basis for developing dynamic models.

sixteen week project
A Balanced Architecture

This thesis proposes two theories on an architecture of restraint. The first is based on an understanding of ornament from a biological perspective. The second borrows other forms of natural intelligence that have a propensity for stability. The hope is that these new ways of thinking about design will help push us towards a balanced architecture.

sixteen week project
Spring 2012
Google House

This thesis speculates on the potentials of an all-encompassing automated architectural design system, which we refer to here as 'Google House'

sixteen week project