Thesis Projects, Spring 2012

Google House

Michael Bergin; advised by Raveevarn Choksombatchai and Kyle Steinfeld

This thesis speculates on the potentials of an all-encompassing automated architectural design system, which we refer to here as "Google House".

Your interests, your personality, your family, your home. With the Google House design system, every home is absolutely customized for the inhabitant as well as the unique environment of the site. With more than 6 trillion architectural designs available from our database and more options available every day, you can be sure that the house that you buy or renovate will be as individual as you are. The Google House design assist system allows you to choose from a range of models that correspond to your neighborhood's unique condition.

The Google House system uses an advanced software program that matches your unique needs to an architectural plan and style that suits you perfectly. Use the Google home-search engine to find a home that can satisfy your immediate wants and needs, and adapt to your changing lifestyle. Do you like to wake up early and have breakfast in the sunlight? Do you frequently get out of bed in the middle of the night to get a glass of water? How big is your family? What appliances would you like your home to have/do you already own? Our system responds to these personal preferences and provides a reflection of the tastes of your family.

Not buying a new home? Use our real estate database to enter a variety of information about yourself and receive a list of homes that could meet your needs.

Using historical weather data and our predictive system that allows us to use various models of climate change and seismic activity to build a house that will protect you from unanticipated natural disasters. Real time first-cost and life-cycle cost predictions during the design selection process help you stay exactly within your budget. Architects are on-call six days a week to help you with the more personal customizations to your home, or to walk you through the software interface. You can build and share your dream home on Google + or Facebook, work on the house on the go with our mobile App and order realistic 3D printed scale models of your potential home. Google House works with existing houses too, just purchase our home sensor kit and generate an exact replica of your existing home complete with validated energy analyses. The Google House software will help you with everything from a window retrofit to a room addition. Our sensor software detects the noise levels, natural lighting conditions, wind speeds and soil conditions to engineer the design in the most elegant possible way. Problem Solvers are architects and designers trained in the Google House software to recognize and solve a vast array of design problems. Houses designed and built with the Google House system are guaranteed to use less energy and provide a comfortable amount of daylight in your house when and where you want it. Our product specification search engine will scan available products and inventories and determine the most beautiful, healthy and cost-effective solution for your interior finishes.

In the spirit of the times, Google Houses will be constructed with phased design and augmented reality to assist in the installation. A skilled worker on site identifies the correct component via Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and installs the component exactly in its place with the assistance a spatial/GPS linked visual overlay.

Major building codes like the International Residential Code and city/local codes are available to download and test your model in order to assist in the design stage approval of building documents. This process enables customization for a similar cost as mechanized, standard housing.

The personality of your digital lifestyle, brought to life. Google House.

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