Thesis Projects, Spring 2017


Anlan Chen; advised by Andrew Atwood and Kyle Steinfeld

This thesis is about exploring the new age of community design with crowd-sourcing technology.

Inspired by the Reddit's April-fools /r/Place project, which was conducted within an on-line community, the thesis attempts to further this idea and adapt it for architectural design in relation to a real-life community.

The individual inside a community tends to manifest idiosyncrasy, but the balance of individuality and commonality must be maintained. Proper regulations need to be introduced, and uncertainty needs to be accommodated. During the process, the union and the part, the dependency and in-dependency, the compromise and controversy, will be architecturally addressed and presented through a tangible building.

A collective hybrid design methodology will be presented, wherein multiple people are able to design a personal customized building or space collaboratively on a virtual platform - in this case a simple smart-phone application. In this way the project examines the possibility of personalization being pushed to the edge, while combination and synthesis happens concurrently under the guidance of architectural rule sets.

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