Introduction to Design, Fall 2017

Thick Skinned

Eleanor Pries, Ron Rael, and Kyle Steinfeld

This project articulates interior and exterior space through the exploration and design of a system of enclosure, a thick skin. A central premise that underlies this project is: the essential characteristics and conditions of 'a whole' reside in a representative cut, 'a slice', of a body/building at its perimeter.

Where Assignment 1 - Balloon Animals advanced spatial understanding through operations in relation to form, gesture, agents of deformation, and matter, this assignment focuses on advancing spatial understanding through a project for an enclosure, focusing on texture and tectonic. Similar to this earlier assignment, here the approach will be dual, with two tracks aligning concurrently:

The "deliverables" of this project are limited, with emphasis on their detailed development and repeated iteration. Here, over three weeks, students design a Thick Skin enclosure for a hypothetical building and describe a typical "slice" through section, elevation and model.

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