Introduction to Design, Fall 2012

Strawberry Canyon Velodrome

Mark Anderson and Kyle Steinfeld

Having already explored a range of "design departures" in previous projects, including those that begin with material-driven, site- and program-driven, and form-driven agendas, this final design project turns the definition of a design agenda to the student. Here, students are free to engage the project giving conceptual primacy to any of the approaches discussed this semester. Even though individuals may emphasize a particular set of issues as the primary driver for their design process, it will still be necessary to engage all, of the issues of site and environmental context, program requirements, material and construction methods, as well as space and form.

Program Brief

A new indoor bicycle-racing track will be built for UCB in strawberry canyon, sited immediately above the existing outdoor swimming pool complex. This new velodrome will be the uppermost of the string of athletic facilities wedged into the floor of strawberry canyon, cascading like a stream down toward the university. On the existing grass terrace area above the swim clubhouse, wedged between the roadway on the north slope, and the steep hillside to the south, students site their velodrome designs, effectively interacting with the natural topographic opportunities presented by the site.

Due to university interest in maximizing the utility of the new building, the velodrome will have a secondary program function, being used additionally as an experimental modern dance theater for the resident Mark Morris troupe. These two functions will be interwoven and fully share the use of the space

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