Constructing Vision, Spring 2011

Pacific Film Archive

Kyle Steinfeld

Recalling the idea of the visual construct, as articulated by Hashim Sarkis, and understanding the previous work of the studio as forming a visual-spatial scaffolding that will allow us to assemble architectural experience, this project seeks to test this conceptual scaffold against the limits and resistances of a design problem. If the visual constructs already produced are well formed, then their residues will remain evident on the forms and spaces they facilitate, long after they themselves have been removed. To accomplish this, it is imperative that previous proposals come to be seen as design tools, that is, means through which potential designs may be projected. The traditional representational battery of plan, section, elevation, axonometric, digital model, perspectival image, and programmatic diagram must then be rallied to the service of a particular visual-spatial construct.

Students proposed support structures and storage facilities for the Pacific Film Archive, a Berkeley-based institution affiliated with the Berkeley Museum of Art. Distributing the elements of the program as they see fit, students selected a minimum of three and a maximum of five sites from the provided list of gun emplacements situated on the southern coast of the Marin Headlands, and on the Northern coast of San Francisco.

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