Studio One, Spring 2015

The Office on the Street - The Street in the Office

Namju Lee; advised by Jonathan Bachrach, Sara Dean, Etienne Turpin, and Kyle Steinfeld

This project reconsiders the relationship between the traditional spaces of work, the office, and the traditional public spaces in cities, the street.

In the late twentieth century, American suburbs became disassociated with their host cities, giving rise to a new urban form, the exurb, a form that exhibited socially, economically, and functionally homogeneous regions isolated from one another, and that brought along with it a new social ill, alienation. Jane Jacobs diagnosed the cause of this ailment as the loss of the street as the locus of an active community life. Recent trends have seen this process reverse geographically while maintaining a similar socio-economic segregation. This project addresses this new form of alienation and segregation endemic in our cities, and seeks to bring together the social spaces of the office and the street.

This thesis values the street as (1) a social mixer, (2) a repository of community history, and (3) as a civic platform. A new typology of occupation is proposed that mixes the space of the street with spaces of work. We calculating how these may be brought together not only by moving the offices onto street, but also by moving the street onto the offices.

Canon Objects

A 'penny-farthing' bicycle

One of the oldest bicycle in its history is the penny-farthing bicycle. Unlike the modern bicycle, the ratio between wheels is different. The bicycle describes long and short path, such as Geodesic line, and longest line for strip structures, or different number of rotation of wheel can be created.

Zoetrope and strip hole

Zoetrope can make optical illusion based on the speed or direction of rotation. With the illusion, people percept different type of experiences about movements of changes although the individual sequences are stationary images. People on street have different speeds of walking. Thus it can cause different perceptions of environment.


One of the easy and popular way to share moving visual information in the physical world is to use a projection. Through projection, many people see movie or video in a place. Projection is considered as mean of sharing information with other people or public

Wood Knot and its grain

The knot is considered as a place where a new branch happens, and its strip can make their shape and path around the knot. Even when the branch is removed, we can see the event of the branch through its influence on the path of the grain. An event on the street may be like the knot as a history of street, developing its own unique historical characteristics.

Russian doll and scale

The doll is one of the most popular doll in the world. It have a ton of different type of version of it, but the scale system about containing small doll and small doll is same. The scale system describes the strip structures, large scale for structure, middle scale for space, small scale for chair or something defining activities.

Floor and activity

Street is a place where people live in everyday life, and I think street is like little prince's box - people do what they want on the floor the floor is all potential, the floor is generic, it can take any pro- gram. People on street basically can define the role or the program of streets.

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