Significant Others, Spring 2017

Human Gesture

Kyle Steinfeld

To warm up our technical and representational skills in drawing from polygon meshes, we begin the semester with an exercise in drawing the human form in motion. A digital human form and motion-captured gesture is produced using Adobe Fuse, and a set of predefined gestures provided by Adobe Creative Cloud. A process is demonstrated for authoring a human figure, selecting a gesture, and for acquiring the necessary three-dimensional geometry for editing and producing two-dimensional drawings in Rhino and Illustrator.

This information forms the basis a descriptive drawing that must both capture a series of human gestures, and place these gestures in a temporal sequence that expresses a fluid motion.


A Descriptive Human Form Drawing: a multi-view orthographic drawing showing serialized or superimposed moments in time or 'frames' from the chosen gesture. Students are provided with a Rhino template, and techniques are demonstrated for depicting the mesh forms produced by the software using the standard graphic devices of section cut lines, silhouette lines, and contour lines, and that consider the Coronal, Sagittal, and Transverse planes of the human body. 1:20 scale. Each view fits on a standard 11x17 sheet. A final drawing composed of multiple orthographic views and that includes the analytical overlay (below) is plotted for review on a 18x24 sheet.

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